You want your new cloud software to be disruptive, but not a disruption!

To that end you can encourage user acceptance by providing tailored training programs and easy to follow work instructions. These should take account of both the core features and the customisations specific to your organisation.

Software Implementation - HandoverAn integral part of our implementation methodology is the hand-over stage when users are familiarised with the features and requirements of their new system.

Training can be performed at your premises or in our classroom on St. Kilda Road.

In practice, while you might be excited about the potential of your new system, many of your staff will instead be overwhelmed and resistant to change. So it is important that, in addition to a positive training experience you provide easy to follow work instructions that have been written specifically for the job-roles in your organisation. Gamut can provide this documentation in both online and printed format according to your requirements and preferences.


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