Security Strategy

Creating your cyber-security strategy involves just three simple steps:

  1. Assess - Understanding your current security posture is the first step in building a better security architecture

    Your information security strategy should aim to reduce the likelihood and impact of risks. To achieve that you need to implement effective controls based on your specific vulnerabilities. Your first step should be to assess your weaknesses. Only then can you determine which controls you need to implement and prioritize.

    At Gamut Group we believe that assessment is the most important step in the cyber-security process. No two organizations have identical security requirements, and a thorough review by an independent expert is the best way to determine what needs to be done to minimize your risk.

    Gamut's assessment process, based on the O-ISM3 capability model, will be tailored to your specific environment to analyze and report your current situation. At the end of the assessment process we provide you with a comprehensive document that can be used as an template for action. 

  2. Act - Small changes in your security controls can yield significant improvements.

    While it is impossible to completely prevent attacks and natural disasters, you can take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of risk. By implementing best-practice controls you can achieve optimal protection of confidential data and reduce the risk of downtime caused by malicious or accidental damage.

    Unfortunately, if your IT security consists solely of anti-virus software and a consumer-grade router, you are likely to become the victim of amateur hackers, organized criminals or even State actors. This can not only lead to direct financial loss but can cause reputational damage that will treaten the very survival of your organization.

    The threat from attack is real and you must act decisively to combat it. At Gamut Group we offer a variety of tools that can assist you prevent, detect and even correct exploitation of your security vulnerabilities without huge cost or the need for in-house expertise. From unified threat management appliances or software to active threat response services, we offer the solutions you need to act before it is too late.

  3. Assure - Rest easy knowing that when disaster strikes you have it covered.

    Even the best laid plans can be pushed beyond breaking point due to the constantly evolving threat landscape or the occurrence of unpredictable natural disasters. It's good to know that you have a final line of defense when all else fails. 

    Gamut's disaster recovery and business continuity facilities are designed for just that eventuality. Whether your key business servers become infected with ransomware or your records and systems are lost to fire or the actions of disgruntled employees, we have the ability to put you back on track and minimize disruption to your operations.

    By combining stand-by servers at our secure data-centre with an automated remote-backup service we can keep you operational even when your primary servers are disabled or your business premises become unusable.

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