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Gamut Group can supply, install and configure a wide range of information security products from leading vendors.

Comodo Internet-Security

More than anti-virus, Internet Security is a market-leading, comprehensive, desktop security solution powered by Valkyrie cloud-based AI scanning of unknown files and programs.

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Bot protection
  • Defense+ file protection
  • Auto-sandbox technology
  • Memory firewall to defeat buffer-overflow attacks
  • Cloud-based VPN services
Secure Box

Winner of the Intrusion Detection & Prevention category, Global Excellence Awards.

Info Security Magazine, 2015

Secure Box takes the novel approach of protecting applications not just than the device they are running on.

  • Anti-keylogging
  • Copy/Paste protection
  • Anti SSL sniffing
  • Print-Screen protection
  • Man in the middle prevention
  • Download prevention
  • Anti DLL injection
  • Uninstall protection
  • Screen-scraping protection
  • Registrty/Service protection
  • Remote control/sharing prevention
  • Cloud AV protection
Dome and Korrugan Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management solutions provide comprehensive prevention and detection technologies in a single device.

  • a stateful packet-inspection firewall
  • secure connection to your network from remote locations via VPN
  • active Intrusion Prevention System with 24x7 signature updating
  • wireless hotspot Captive Portal security
  • Traffic shaping to maintain QoS for important services
  • Containerization of unknown files for real-time protection against zero-day attacks
  • URL filtering, updated with millions of websites across 70 categories
  • Application filtering, for application level control on your network
  • Advanced Threat Protection single or cloud-based scanning of web and email traffic, and
  • a Log Collector providing full visibility of activity on your network.
Web Inspector

A powerful malware and black-list monitoring service which will provide you with alerts immediately in the event that your domain or website is added to a blacklist. Being placed on black-lists, often through no fault of your own, can cause significant disruption to your business and potential loss of revenue. By subscribing to Web Inspector you can act on such problems as soon as they occur and before too much damage is done. Subscriptions for Web Inspector are available on a per-domain basis, and you can list up to 700 unique URLs per domain.

Secure Online Storage

Ideal for remote backups of your important files

  • Quick access to files through web and mobile
  • Secure download/upload processes
  • Automatic file synchronization with incremental backup
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Fast searching & retrieving


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