Business Continuity

No matter what precautions you take there is always a possibility that your business will suffer a major disaster causing significant interruption to your operations. Such disasters can include a cyber-attack which penetrates your defenses and disables your information systems, malicious actions of a disgruntled employee - often difficult to detect until it is too late, or a natural event like fire, flood or even cyclone. 

Disasters can cause more than direct financial damage. Your inability to trade while systems and premises are repaired or replaced can have substantial impact on your goodwill and long-term viability. Your business insurance may provide inadequate compensation for such losses.

It is for these reasons that disaster-recovery and business-continuity are important strategies for many organizations. Effective business continuity depends on an integrated approach that minimizes the impact of major risks. At Gamut Group we provide both advisory services and facilities that can enable you to keep servicing the needs of your customers, even in the midst of a disaster. 

You will find some of these services and facilities described below. Please contact us for an obligation free discussion should you desire more information.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our experienced security consultants can assist you with every aspect of disaster recovery planning from identifying and ranking risks to training your staff in procedures to be followed in the event of a disaster.

All Gamut Group disaster recovery clients have access to a secure portal through our website where they can gain access to their disaster recovery documents in the event that their own systems are off-line.

We also provide disaster recovery testing checklists which can be used for regular simulations and tests of your disaster recovery plan and can be provided as evidence of your business continuity capability to statutory authorities and other stakeholders.

Disaster Recovery Facilities

Should you experience a disaster which makes your critical IT resources or business premises unusable our Disaster Recovery facilities will enable you to quickly spring back into operation while repairs are made to your own infrastructure.

When you enroll for this service we create an off-line copy of your critical IT infrastructure such as databases or application servers. In the event that you can no-longer use that infrastructure as a result of natural disaster or major security breach we can bring your services on-line so that they can be accessed from our data centre which is located on the outskirts of the Melbourne metro area.

We will maintain your services in off-line state for a small annual fee, and only charge access fees on an hourly basis for the time you actually need the services on-line. Combined with our remote data backup service, disaster recovery facilities provide ultimate protection against worst-case scenarios.

Remote & Redundant Backups

Automate your data and system backups and store them off-line on one of Gamut's remote & redundant backup servers.

Useful as the primary source of recovery or as a redundant source for your most critical data, remote backup is the trouble-free and assured way to keep your data safe from routine risks like theft, hardware failure or accidental deletion.