Security Audits

An IT Security Audit should be your first step in building a more secure IT environment. The IT Security Audit provides an independently prepared report which documents your vulnerabilities and outlines the actions required to reduce risk.

Gamut Group uses the Open Information Security Capability Model (O-ISM3) as a basis for all its security audit work. O-ISM3 covers a range of technical, managerial and operational areas such that a comprehensive picture of your security readiness emerges.

Security audits can be undertaken for your whole organization or just a single department.

Needless to say, all work is performed discreetly and on a strictly confidential basis. Our report will be provided only to your nominated contact and results will not be shared with any other person inside or outside your organization. All working papers and source documents are safe-guarded at Gamut's premises in Australia for professional assurance purposes only. We use "Chinese walls" to ensure that information is quarantined to only those Gamut personnel who have a legitimate need to access it.